United CGP & 3DP Admin-Edmund Peña

We would like to welcome you one of our new Admin in United CGPinoy & 3DPinoy Artist Facebook Group.  a.k.a. Arkiedmund.  Please check out our Q&A below.

FeaturingMr. Edmund Neal A. Peña
Freelance Architect/ 3D Artist
a.k.a. Arkiedmund

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, like how long are you working in this industry?

Hello! I am Edmund Neal A. Peña, an Architect dabbling in 3d graphics currently based in the Philippines. I started tinkering with 3d softwares back in 2004 when i discovered 3d studio viz. Prior to that i have been doing 3d models in Autocad 2000, before finally moving on to 3ds max. I have been in the industry for a total of 13 years, either in an office environment or work from home.

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2. Please share the basic process of the work you will share to us?

Most projects starts with a client brief, that is composed of some sketches or 2d cad drawings. For 2d drawings, they are first cleaned up in Autocad, for easier export to a 3d modeling software. I would usually do the basic form of the structure first before proceeding with the details of the model. This includes elements like the site and the general landscape when the project needs one. Once modeling is complete, i proceed to setting up the lights and the camera, and try to set a view that could highlight the features of the project. Texturing follows and once all is set, rendering follows. Most of the time post processing is added to enhance the look or create the mood desired for the image.

3. What are the difficulties you encounter in working this project and the solution you can suggest to our readers?

One major difficulty that i always encounter, at least in my experience, is the lack of a complete information from the client’s side. Some important details are sometimes left out and not included in their emails. So it is important that you ask questions before starting the project, so that all will be set beforehand. You don’t want to be late for submission just because you still need some data on one of the elements needed in your scene.

4. What tips do you share to the community in working this kind of projects?

“Some things i learned in this kind of work are as follows:

1. Never hesitate to ask questions when you need clarifications on some points of the project.
2. Optimize or make sure your models are clean, for easier editing during client revisions.
3. Never hesitate to utilize pre-modelled objects when needed. This can save you time specially during crunch time.
4. Always submit on time. You do not want to submit something and then need to revise it with little time left.”

5. Do you have anything to add that will help inspire others. Please feel free to let us know.

Keep learning new things, learn from your peers and always be ready to accept critiques on your work. And most of all enjoy what you are doing.

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We would to like to thank him for sharing his experience and knowledge to everyone and especially for his time and effort helping and the rest of the community move forward.