Understanding Colors in CG

COLOR it plays a vital role in design and in every day life. Below are some of the recommended tutorials regarding color’s and theory. It’s worth investing time to refresh our understanding about color’s on how it works and how we could use it more effectively. Hit play button below to learn some useful tips from the guru’s in the industry.

Before scrolling down below let’s go back to BasicTheory of Colors. Hit that play button to start at the beginning.

Using color’s is probably one of the biggest hurdles that artist face. If you want to know how to adjust mood or atmosphere more effectively or even how to pick color’s that actually go well together the next video is what all about. By the end of the tutorials  you’ll discover how use color to alter the story or create pleasing color schemes more effectively.  Hit play button and start watching or listening:

Check out below some additional simplified tips about the power of colour in Archviz. The next video talks about how we can harness the power of color using the correct color harmonies.

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Credits to:  GCFLearnFree, Andre Price, ARQUI9