Benchmark your render speed

Test your machine how fast it can render using V-Ray Benchmark App.

V-Ray Benchmark is a standalone application which includes a single GPU scene and a single CPU scene. Just download app here  or this link and run the test. You can also check Benchmark  results  below or this link and compare your computer specs and render speed with others or share your results online.

You can also add notes to let others know what mods you’ve made, like water cooling and overclocking. Best of all, V-Ray Benchmark is free and does not require a V-Ray license.

Note:   Results of V-Ray Benchmark are based on the included CPU and GPU scenes.

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Credits to Chaosgroup

Eugene Caasi

Armored only with courage and belief and when fascination turns into obsession. Today please join us to welcome another very inspiring artist. We ask him about what keeps him inspired and passionate. Let’s check out our interview with him with a piece of advice on how to try to develop efficient working techniques, how to deal critics and don’t be upset when things are getting harder but with aim for rewarding outcomes. This real life story is something to be inspired of and enjoy the superb rendered images from him below…

Featuring: Mr. Eugene Cañete Caasi
Senior 3D Designer /Architectural & Interiors

“The Interview”

Please tell us a little bit about yourself, like how long are you working in this industry?

Well to start with, my name is Eugene “Soy Weird” Cañete Caasi. I am currently & passionately working as a Senior 3d Designer for Architectural & Interiors at Emsquare Engineering in Dubai, UAE and still loving the city for its ultramodern architecture for more than 12 years now. Our company has 65 on-going projects (multi-level luxurious apartments, commercial buildings, towers, high-end villas in the most expensive properties in Palm Jumeirah and various interior spaces.

I had always been fascinated with art in general may it be poetry, photography, digital art, 3d visuals -architecture & interior design. But as far as my memory can take me, it was 1998 when I started learning autocad release 11 & photoshop 7 while studying B.S. in Architecture at the University of Mindanao. Until a very good friend of mine, introduced me to Discreet 3dsmax 4 in 2000 and my fascination turned into an obsession.

As a promdi from Davao, it was a rough start for me learning this craft in the beginning simply because internet wasn’t a fad. I had limited resources to turn to when I had doubts on manipulating the software back then so i had to discover for myself what I needed to absorb. And I also worked alone at home for 5 years taking my own clients introducing them to 3d for it was a foreign concept for them what 3d render really meant. My Philippine struggle was a history, when I decided to go abroad in 2005 for a greener pasture leaving my 2 precious kids and my most loving wife behind then.


What philosophy do you apply to your work that our community may find inspiring or helpful?

In this 3d world, even though I had been here for 17 years, I am still learning now and consider myself a student because I always believe that knowledge is an evolution of unending process. Everyday I start my day with enthusiasm knowing that I got the chance not only to put smiles to clients faces by realizing their dreams but also witnessing our very own design with the help of my team, being built, coming into life from the design concept stage to reality and that in itself is an art. Priceless beyond words…

What are the difficulties you encounter in working this project and the solution you can suggest to our readers?

Well, more than 17 years had passed, with the various projects I had undertaken, everytime, I tackled them in so many different ways. As they say, different strokes for different folks . But if I may go back to basics, first I normally gather ideas. For instance varied photographs related to the given project, textures necessary to the scene, 3d models that may speed up the process rather than modelling all the components to complete your scene, having my 3d model collection essentially ready, backgrounds and the like.

But of course, in a big firm, you always have the advantage because the work is designated to people specialized in their own given tasks let’s say, after the design concept had been decided by the architects & the designers initially draftsmen would do the cad drafting and when its ready you can come in and start creating the model, rendering and the post processing.

There are 3 major softwares in my process and I call them the “holy trinity softwares”, Autocad 2017, 3dsmax 2017 with a Vray 3.4 rendering engine and Photoshop Cs6. Basically, I outline my floor plans and elevations in Cad. Create my 3d model, apply my materials, render in Max and finally make my final post process in Photoshop. Simply pretty basic actually.

One of the most important key factor for me is speed. Speed can kill as they say. This has always been my best weapon for deadlines. This may seem a bit harsh but that’s the reality of this field. Clients or bosses give the project today but your actual deadline was 2 days back. So far, it has been working for me. Justice delayed is justice denied. I call it justice because clients are spending millions for every project. So by not submitting the 3d presentations on time is a big monetary injustice. Just a piece of advice, try to develop efficient, working techniques to hasten up the result of your best presentation.


With the tight turnaround and complicated work, what keeps you inspired and passionate?

The love for the art had always been my foundation. This is my driving force why I never get tired of doing what I do. Knowing that everyday is another opportunity to express myself in a way that it makes me fulfilled and satisfied with every image I create. An opportunity to explore another visions. meeting high profile clients and gaining recognition for every visual that you render. That to me is something to be inspired, passionate about and best of all the financial rewards that comes with it.

Do you have anything to add that will help inspire others. Please feel free to let us know.

Go in touch with people of your kind. Accept comments for we are not perfect and we will never be. Don’t be upset when things are getting harder. When people saying your work are not good enough, never give up. Keep chasing your dreams. Always strive to be the best version of yourself.

Don’t be a 3d purist sometimes we tend to think that everything can be achieved in 3d rendering. Discover the power of editing in photoshop. Sometimes it offers a faster and better solution. More than you can imagine. I can say that, aspiring 3d artist nowadays are luckier than during our times, even though I started late but I was still able to endure and now enjoying the ride.

I could still freshly remember when I first came here in Dubai with 150 dirhams, the mere money I had in my pocket for 2 months, armored only with courage and belief in myself that I knew I would bravely survive. Struggles will always be a part of every endeavor that is a given. Our 3d struggles will never be different from our real life’s struggles. For 3d is a life in itself.

Just enjoy your 3d journey. Learn from artist the you lookup to. When your working, think of it as a hobby not a job. At the end of the day, your talent will provide you with a financial abundance. And from time to time take a break. What I usually do I set a goal – a personal project outside of my office project but unlike the office deadline I give myself 1 month-deadline to finish up the artwork. I am my own client. As an artist, I inclined to believe that these personal 3d artwork of mine, are food to my soul.

Special thanks to Mr. Rey Gerali. More power to 3dteamz. Be blessed everyone. To God be the Glory.


Interviewed by:

We would like to thank Mr. Eugene Cañete Caasi for sharing to us his experience for the inspiring insights, tips, advice and for the kind contribution he shared to the community.

Please stay tuned for more inspiring individuals. 3DTEAMZ will continuously scout for the talented and kind individuals in our community. We believe that real artist its not just about showing off, its about sharing it back of what we’ve learned. we called it Sharing Knowledge Beyond Borders! and we hope to learn from each others own experiences, help, support, unite and work together for the better future…


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Today let’s travel to the Future from the Past and join us to welcome another very inspiring person we have today. If you are in the early days of visualization you might know him already. Let’s check out our interview with him behind his awe-inspiring masterpieces, from design to visualization and in photography. Including workflow tips, challenges, kind reminder and more…

Featuring: Mr. Anthony Tario Austria
Senior Architect/Designer
Abu Dhabi, UAE

“The Interview”

Please tell us a little bit about yourself, like how long are you working in this industry?

First of all, I would like to thank God for the chance to share my knowledge everything is all glory to you and of course the 3DTEAMZ admin for featuring my work. Im very proud of you guys! Hi!Im Anthony Tario Austria currently working as a Senior Architect/Designer in EHAF consulting Engineers in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I got my degree from Mapua Institute of Technology, one of the well known Architecture Universities from my home country.

It was year 2000 when I started my career as an apprentice and was originally trained as an Architectural Manual Renderer. Through the years with my God given talent and passion for arts, my works received several recognitions and awards in painting and photography. Photography is my favorite hobby which leads and inspires me in joining art competitions, this is where I am able to express my self. I grew up looking and thinking that Art can be a weapon to fight poverty. Because I believe people with great passion can make the impossible happen. I never knew that my love with
photography and my work will inspire the world and lead me to where I am today. Praise be to God that through Arts, I am able to share my concepts and ideas which can be an inspiration to others.


Kindly share the basic process of the work you will share to us.

Unique is the idea on the designs of my workflow. Most of my creations are in my thoughts. Also, I continously educate my self through online reading and researches. Being an artist, it is important to have an inspiration where most of the amazing renders and artworks are done. I gained confidence with my work especially in accepting different challenges with the required concepts through strategic design and value of the flows and functions. From sketches to
final renderings, I usually conceptualized and produced many shots to meet my client’s requirements.

What are the difficulties you encounter in working this project and the solution you can suggest to our readers?

In my field, one of the challenges I encounter is on how to meet the client’s expectations which is sometimes beyond the project’s budget. This is where my creativity as the designer divulged, by preparing and presenting more options. Usually in my experience the client chooses the simplest design yet visually good with perspectives works.


What nifty tips do you share to the community in working this kind of projects?

The key to success is to believe in yourself. Never imitate what others have, create your own designs and original ideas. For me my design Philosophy is form and function should be simultaneous. Most of all never quit, in case you fail there will always be a chance and a room for improvement. I did not expect that joining the arts competition will bring me many awards and lead me to success in my career. It’s not easy but I am really thankful that all the hard works has paid off.

Always be reminded that life is not easy, but if you choose to be happy by doing the right things then life will be more rewarding. Keep on striving until you succeed, be creative and be an inspiration. Art comes from the heart and imagination. My heart goes with my works, my masterpieces…my label.

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Interviewed by:

We would like to thank Mr. Anthony Tario Austria for sharing to us his experience for the inspiring insights, tips and for the kind contribution he shared to the community.

Please stay tuned for more inspiring individuals. 3DTEAMZ will continuously scout for the talented individuals in our community, who is kind to share knowledge beyond borders. We hope to learn from each others own experiences, unite, support and work together for the better future…


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We would like to welcome you another noticeable and talented 3D Artist in our community.  Please check out our interview with him on how he started 3d as a hobby that became his profession. Together with his personal experience, workflow tips, insights, and more…

Featuring:   Mr. Rudolph Anthony Arrogante
Senior 3D Artist /Animator

“The Interview”

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, like how long are you working in this
industry? *

Hi Folks, First of all I would like to thank Mr. Rey Gerali and all the staff of 3dteamz for giving me the opportunity to showcase my abilities and be included to CG artist Philippines.

My name is Rudolph Anthony L. Arrogante born in the island of Samar. I am 26 years old with 2 lovely kids, a boy and a baby girl. I worked as a 3d renderer and animator for almost 5 years.

Field of Architecture is not my expertise. I graduated as BS Computer Engineering. I don’t have any background with regards to architectural designs. I started 3D modeling as a hobby since in my college days. Since then I applied as a graphic artist in a design and fabricator company where I was assigned to create 3d models and rendering task. I started to learn rendering interior and exterior designs on my own including the architectural terms. I was fortunate to be hired on a top rank interior company where my skills in rendering are sharpened.

I am currently working as a Senior 3d artist and animator International.
You can visit my portfolio at

The achievements that I have now will not be possible without the help of my friends in the industry of architecture and most of all to my wife who always motivates me to study and learn more.

2. Kindly share the basic process of the work you will share to us?

Design is very important, you’ll need to collaborate properly with your client or designer. First, you must review the pointers, details and instruction before starting the project.

I used 3ds max application for modeling and corona is my rendering engine. I prepared to use 2.2 gamma for proper contrast of the scene.

Interior and Exterior Render workflow:

Importing 2d files is the fundamental way of creating 3D objects. Avoid using too much geometry. Too much polygons will affect the smoothness of the viewport work flow and also prone to error. If it is not avoidable you can use proxy object to lessen data weight. I usually chamfer the edge of the objects, so it will become smooth and natural look when rendering.

When starting to render the scene especially in exterior, lighting is very important.I used HDRI rather than default sky. Why HDRI? Because for me it is like a real world lighting it gives soft shadows, right contrast and saturation. Mostly people avoiding HDRI because it takes long to compute the scene but it’s worth to wait.


But for interior, I preferably use default sky and a sun. This will be enough to give lights to the scene. Adding portal lights or plane lights in an open area will add more brightness. You can try also adding IES light. I usually (cheat = make some adjustments) when setting up lighting by putting artificial lights on dark areas so that the main objects will be more noticeable.

Setting up camera is also one factor in creating photorealistic render, default camera is good but in creating a stunning shots you need to adjust the camera settings . By changing the ISO, F-numbers and Shutter Speed will give you much more better outputs. Changing each values may change the whole scene so make sure you are knowledgeable on what adjustments you will make.

Start with clay render by using override materials for fast draft render so you can check the lighting andcamera settings. It will give you a hint whether to rotate the HDRI, increase the output of the lights or adjust the camera settings.


Once you’re done with the lighting, proceed to the texturing one by one. Check the mapping scale, apply glossiness, bump and displacement to make it natural. Decrease the values of the blur on each material, this will help to sharp the texture.

And Finally, activate the render elements. This will help you adjust the brightness, reflections, refractions, depth, and ID’s for final compositions.

3. What are the difficulties you encounter in working this project and the solution you can suggest to our
readers? *

Lack of information given by the clients or designer. You need to ask all the details, like texture, camera setup, environment, lighting and the deadline. On your 1st render, send only draft render with low resolution. Clients will always have a comments especially the scaling of texture, camera angle, adding or removing of some volume. And make sure on your second render all the revisions stated are applied correctly.

4. What nifty tips do you share to the community in working this kind of projects? *

Invest on high end machine. Assembled computer units are already available in eBay. (If you want to get cheaper price you can assemble your own working station. Are you familiar with KVM switch? You can use 2 machine with one monitor. This will save you money in buying another monitor. I usually have this device which helps me a lot especially on rush project. While the other pc is rendering, I can still used the another pc in modeling.

You can also used distributed rendering, it is like a farm machine where you can used 2 or more pc in rendering one project. This will help you finish your project on time.

5. Do you have anything to add that will help inspire others. Please feel free to let us know?

Accept critics from others because you will learn from them. Don’t be jealous when they are good, instead think of them as an inspiration. What they are right now is because of their persistence in studying and sleepless nights. So I encourage you to follow the steps they have been through or instead try to surpass them. Keep on learning, don’t be contented, always be opened for advices because what they will share maybe the enhancement you will need.

For the past years in 3d visualization industry, I would say that, I love my job, I enjoyed my work and I earned from it! 🙂

Thank you 3dteamz!

Grab some freebie from him below.


Interviewed by:

We would like to thank Mr.  Rudolph Anthony Arrogante for sharing to us his experience for the inspiring insights, tips and the contribution he shared to the community.

Please stay tuned for more inspiring individuals. 3DTEAMZ will continuously scout for the talented individuals in our community, who is generous to share knowledge beyond borders. We hope to  learn from each others own experiences, unite, support and work together for the better future…


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Understanding VrayLight Select

If your 3d artist and hungry its a must to check this out:  Understanding Light Select Render Element In Vray For 3ds Max.


The Light Select Render Element represents the lighting contribution from one or more selected lights in the scene. Each Light Select channel can output selected lights’ raw, diffuse, or specular contributions to the illumination, or overall (normal) contribution. When multiple lights are selected, all the contributions from the selected lights are combined into a single render element. Multiple VRayLightSelect elements can be rendered for a single scene, and lights may be included in more than one VRayLightSelect element.

This element is similar to the Lighting Render Element. However, the Lighting element combines the effect of all lights in the scene while the Light Select element allows for a user-selection light or set of lights to be broken out, showing their own individual effect(s) on the scene’s illumination. By using these render elements, specific lights in the resulting render can be adjusted (color, temperature, brightness, etc.) in a composite without the need for re-rendering.

For example, by generating a Light Select element for all of the backlights in a scene, an artist may adjust the backlighting of the rendered scene easily in the composite without affecting the rest of the scene’s illumination.

 Hit Play Button >

Compositing Equation

The following diagram shows the compositing formula to recreate all the light in a scene in its most basic form, but only when each light in the scene is accounted for in exactly one VRayLightSelect element for a particular mode. If a particular light is used in more than one VRayLightSelect element, this equation will result in brighter lighting than intended because that light will contribute lighting more than once.



  • When using VRayLightSelect, a good practice is to have one VRayLightSelect element for each light source in your scene. This way the Lighting element can be recreated from them, and adjusted as needed while compositing without re-rendering.
  • If the VRayLightSelect element mode is set to Direct illumination, the specular contribution is added to the render element. While this is perfect for simple compositing, a better workflow is for each light to be selected for two VRayLightSelect Render Elements, one with its mode set to Direct diffuse and another with its mode set to Direct specular. In this way, the specular and diffuse lighting can both be controlled independently at a composite level.


Source Credits to: Chaosgroup


EDSA by Joel Loresco

We would like to welcome you our next featured Artist with so much we can learn from him not only in 3d but also in real life experiences. Please check out below our interview with him featuring…

Mr. Joel Loresco
3D Visualizer

“The Interview”

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, like how long are you working in this industry?

I’ve been in the industry for 18 years now. I worked as a Furniture and Houseware accessories Designer for a small company in my first job. I was a Fresh Grad, inexperienced and couldn’t keep up with my Boss’s demands asking me to produce atleast 10 to 20 designs per item per day. I ran out of design ideas so i decided to resign, went back to school to finish BSIT (Industrial Technology) major in Drafting because I was a 2-year course Graduate.

I immediately got a Job right after OJT, back then I have no knowledge with any computer softwares and does not even know how to shutdown a PC, so I draft the plans and draw perspectives manually. I started learning Autocad on my third Job when an officemate who is also a schoolmate offered to teach me because he uses the software (Thank you very much Neil Pangilinan). On that third job I had also learned to use 3DMax. Thanks to my Boss Architect Raul Reventar he paid for my training. As company’s benefit he offered cash or In-kind for every project closed.

2006 when I decided to apply for a job Abroad, by then i was married and my salary couldn’t sustain my family’s needs. Unfortunately I landed as a Waiter in Qatar and forgotten totally how to use 3DMax. I gradually regained the skills when I found a job in Singapore. My former colleague, the same guy who taught me autocad took me as subordinate. Things got better from then on, I work as 3D Visualizer at VNIX Global Solutions Inc. from 2007 up until now. Wow..this looks like a very quick and very short part of my Autobiography haha.”

2. Kindly share the basic process of the work you will share to us?

My work process includes Modelling entirely in 3DMax if the client does not have an archicad file to import, but that is rarely the case. Clients always sends us the .pln file, convert it to 3DS and we just import the model to Max. I always look for real pictures as reference for my scene just to know how objects behave and look like on certain environment or element and match the output as closely as possible. I would try to visualize if this model will look good in this mood or this scene. The Environment and time of the day is a big factor, I don’t know what is it for you guys but it is for me. If i can’t get it to work, I ditch the reference and look for another one.

3. What are the difficulties you encounter in working this project and the solution you can suggest to our readers?

“The availability of models in a library. Sometimes Clients have specific furnitures they want to put in the scene and looking for specific free models in the internet will cost you time and if somehow you find an exact model it will be on purchase and is so expensive, like the ones on Turbocuttlefish website. So you might as well model the furniture or accessory, it will take you roughly the same time finishing it and looking for it in the internet. You can also upload your model on that same website, sell it and make a profit out of it. Gains are so slow though believe me. 1 model sold per year! Jesus.
By experience.”

4. What nifty tips do you share to the community in working this kind of projects?

I’m pretty sure they know all if not most of the nifty tricks and tips. They are all available in the internet. What I can share or remind them is that rushing jobs will sometimes produce more errors. Time management is one approach to eliminate errors. If you’re having a hard time on one aspect of your job, put it on hold and proceed on other parts, you will figure out what to do about it while you do another part of the job.

5. Do you have anything to add that will help inspire others. Please feel free to let us know.

Always keep in mind that there will always be a tradeoff between quality and time. If you want to achieve a hyper realistic output you have to consider the type of PC, softwares and media you will use, The fastest and most effective will always be the most expensive one in the market. I read that one on an article, i forgot who said that…. XD.

Every time I find myself stuck on my working file for too long and couldn’t achieve the output I am aiming for, I always think and know………..that i am wasting precious time and money of the company XD…just kidding, But seriously that is true.

Changing the angle of the camera and position of the sun will make a big impact and will change the drama of your scene.

Often times your Boss or client will see your renders differently. They will comment until your work is perfect……… perfectly ruined! Always make a version of your own scene, the one that you really like just to make yourself feel good and say…”They can have that ugly a** render but this one’s going in my portfolio”

There will always be someone better than you. do not envy them but make them your inspiration, a benchmark. Surpass him and you will find another guy better than the previous guy and you. Repeat the whole process until you reach Godlike. By then the only thing you will do is to challenge yourself…literally, that would be great!

My works are not as good and still needs improvement but what matters is that you love your job and everytime you accomplish a job, you feel good about yourself.”


Interviewed by:
3DTEAMZ / Rey Gerali

We would like to thank Mr. Joel Loresco for sharing to us his experience for the inspiring insights, contribution he shared to everyone in the community.

Grab this purse freebie from him full of expensive stuff. Just don’t pawn it to any pawnshops. lol

< Slide to the left and slide to the right >

Please stay tuned for more inspiring people. 3DTEAMZ is always on the look out for inspiring individuals that would help make our communities move forward by sharing our individual experiences, knowledge and learn from each others, work together, unite for the better future…

Max to VR Interactive Workflow

So you’ve heard about 3ds Max Interactive and you want to get your hands on it, huh?

3ds Max is now combined with 3ds Max Interactive, a powerful VR engine that gives you the ability to go from Max to VR in just a few clicks. If you’re a current subscriber, you’ll notice a new Interactive menu when you open 3ds Max 2018.1: this will launch 3ds Max Interactive, our new 3D to VR creative workflow for design viz artists like you.

Ready to take the leap? Starting today, you can download both 3ds Max 2018 Update 1 and 3ds Max Interactive as two separate downloads from your desktop account, provided you’re a current 3ds Max, suite or collection subscriber.

Here’s how to get set up:

Are you more of a step-by-stepper? Here’s a how-to in a few steps:


1. Launch the Autodesk Desktop App.

2. Once in the Autodesk Desktop App, open the My Updates menu in the top left corner. Click on Autodesk 3ds Max 2018.1 Update, then click Update to start the download. 3ds Max 2018.1 will automatically install once the download is complete.

3. Don’t have the Autodesk Desktop App? No problem. Open up a browser and head on over to your Autodesk Account.

4. Under Product Updates, locate 3ds Max 2018 Update 1 and click Download.

5. Once your download is complete, simply follow the install instructions.

6. Huzzah! You’ve got 3ds Max 2018 Update 1. Next, go ahead and launch 3ds Max.


1. Once 3ds Max is open, you’ll notice a new welcome screen.

2. This will open up a browser, where you’ll log in to your Autodesk Account. From here, click on All Products & Services (top left) and select the Downloads button on the 3ds Max tab.

3. Next, you’ll see a pop-up for all available 3ds Max downloads. Find 3ds Max Interactive and click Download now. Follow the download instructions and click the Install button.

4. From here, you’ll open up the 3ds Max Interactive installer. Follow the install instructions, enter your country, accept the License and Services agreement and click Next.

5. You’ll need a serial number for this next step, but luckily you’ve already got one! Use your 3ds Max 2018 serial number from your Autodesk Account and click Next.

6. Once you receive a confirmation that your serial number has been found and activated, click Finish to complete your install. Sit back, relax, stretch, hydrate – oh, wait, it’s done installing already?

7. You’ll get a notification once the installation has successfully completed, and now it’s time to launch 3ds Max Interactive.

8. It’s happening!

9. Decisions, decisions. Pick the appropriate template for the type of project you want to create.

10… the sky’s the limit! Happy creating.


On Monday, June 12th, we’ll be kicking off our journey from 3ds Max to VR. Join us for 10 days of short video power tutorials to get you up and running with VR content creation, and familiar with the tools and terminology.

Bonus: you’ll walk away with solid understanding of the fluid workflow between 3ds Max’s powerful 3D tools and with the new interactive toolset. Pretty sweet.


Source Credits to:
Design Visualization Team Autodesk Blogs


Next-Gen GPU Rendering



We are so privileged and honored to feature the founder of the first CG forum in the Philippines. One of the pioneering person who helps and lead the community in the early days. The initiatives and  his support to the community that provide and give us better chances of improving our work and even compete internationally with the help of the 3dpinoy forum he created.

We would like to welcome and honor him for all his efforts. Please checkout below our quick interview with him behind how the first forum is formed in the Philippines…

Featuring:   Mr. Chris Sofe
3DPinoy Founder
Graphic Artist
/United States

“The Interview”

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, like how long are you working in this industry?

In one word i could that i am a Generalist or Jack of all trades. When i was living in NYC, i work in a small studio that offer services from web development to commercial. Working with a small studio you have to be flexible because you don’t know what the next project is. Currently, I am working as a Graphic Artist at Bic Graphic located in Minnesota. When it comes to 3D I used Lightwave 3D but lately i have been using Modo 3D.

2. How did you start 3dpinoy?

Well it started as a chatroom and turns into a website and a forum. Four people started the chatroom and when it died down that when I started the website and the forum. Maintaining the forum was really tough.

3. What led or inspired you to create the forum?

I started the website and the forum with a goal to help fellow filipinos learning 3D, serve as a resources for CG news and tutorials, and also as a hub to meet other filipinos who already working in the industry locally and abroad hoping for them to be a mentor for the future generation who wants to learn 3D/CG.

4. Did you think it would have an impact to filipino artist, like the influence that it has on them today?

I think it did made a big impact because I know that a lot of filipinos who are a member of the forum that got a job abroad and local through the job postings we have on the website. To me that is a big impact knowing that I help my fellow filipinos finding a job.

5. What keeps you busy these days?

If I am not making logo design or web development. I still tried to do some 3D for my personal time just to keep updated with the new tools.

6. Why the shift from 3d to web developing?

I did not shift from 3D to web development. When you are working abroad it is kinda hard to pass on projects it so happen i just lots of web dev projects and turn into an 8-5 job

7. Any advice for those seeking a career in the visualization industry?

All I can advise is that keep honing your skills and build up your portfolio.


Interviewed by:
Rey Gerali and Edmund Peña

We are greatly thankful we found Mr. Chris Sofe and for giving us the brief history of 3dpinoy for the record to be included in our upcoming books. Also for the  inspiring insights, contribution he shared to everyone in the community.

We hope to learn from the experienced people who unselfishly shares and contribute their knowledge to the community, no matter which corner of the planet they are. It might help guide us to the right path towards the future.

Please stay tuned for more inspiring people who helps shape the Philippines CG communities…

– Sharing Knowledge Beyond Borders! –