We would like to welcome you another noticeable and talented 3D Artist in our community.  Please check out our interview with him on how he started 3d as a hobby that became his profession. Together with his personal experience, workflow tips, insights, and more…

Featuring:   Mr. Rudolph Anthony Arrogante
Senior 3D Artist /Animator

“The Interview”

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, like how long are you working in this
industry? *

Hi Folks, First of all I would like to thank Mr. Rey Gerali and all the staff of 3dteamz for giving me the opportunity to showcase my abilities and be included to CG artist Philippines.

My name is Rudolph Anthony L. Arrogante born in the island of Samar. I am 26 years old with 2 lovely kids, a boy and a baby girl. I worked as a 3d renderer and animator for almost 5 years.

Field of Architecture is not my expertise. I graduated as BS Computer Engineering. I don’t have any background with regards to architectural designs. I started 3D modeling as a hobby since in my college days. Since then I applied as a graphic artist in a design and fabricator company where I was assigned to create 3d models and rendering task. I started to learn rendering interior and exterior designs on my own including the architectural terms. I was fortunate to be hired on a top rank interior company where my skills in rendering are sharpened.

I am currently working as a Senior 3d artist and animator International.
You can visit my portfolio at

The achievements that I have now will not be possible without the help of my friends in the industry of architecture and most of all to my wife who always motivates me to study and learn more.

2. Kindly share the basic process of the work you will share to us?

Design is very important, you’ll need to collaborate properly with your client or designer. First, you must review the pointers, details and instruction before starting the project.

I used 3ds max application for modeling and corona is my rendering engine. I prepared to use 2.2 gamma for proper contrast of the scene.

Interior and Exterior Render workflow:

Importing 2d files is the fundamental way of creating 3D objects. Avoid using too much geometry. Too much polygons will affect the smoothness of the viewport work flow and also prone to error. If it is not avoidable you can use proxy object to lessen data weight. I usually chamfer the edge of the objects, so it will become smooth and natural look when rendering.

When starting to render the scene especially in exterior, lighting is very important.I used HDRI rather than default sky. Why HDRI? Because for me it is like a real world lighting it gives soft shadows, right contrast and saturation. Mostly people avoiding HDRI because it takes long to compute the scene but it’s worth to wait.


But for interior, I preferably use default sky and a sun. This will be enough to give lights to the scene. Adding portal lights or plane lights in an open area will add more brightness. You can try also adding IES light. I usually (cheat = make some adjustments) when setting up lighting by putting artificial lights on dark areas so that the main objects will be more noticeable.

Setting up camera is also one factor in creating photorealistic render, default camera is good but in creating a stunning shots you need to adjust the camera settings . By changing the ISO, F-numbers and Shutter Speed will give you much more better outputs. Changing each values may change the whole scene so make sure you are knowledgeable on what adjustments you will make.

Start with clay render by using override materials for fast draft render so you can check the lighting andcamera settings. It will give you a hint whether to rotate the HDRI, increase the output of the lights or adjust the camera settings.


Once you’re done with the lighting, proceed to the texturing one by one. Check the mapping scale, apply glossiness, bump and displacement to make it natural. Decrease the values of the blur on each material, this will help to sharp the texture.

And Finally, activate the render elements. This will help you adjust the brightness, reflections, refractions, depth, and ID’s for final compositions.

3. What are the difficulties you encounter in working this project and the solution you can suggest to our
readers? *

Lack of information given by the clients or designer. You need to ask all the details, like texture, camera setup, environment, lighting and the deadline. On your 1st render, send only draft render with low resolution. Clients will always have a comments especially the scaling of texture, camera angle, adding or removing of some volume. And make sure on your second render all the revisions stated are applied correctly.

4. What nifty tips do you share to the community in working this kind of projects? *

Invest on high end machine. Assembled computer units are already available in eBay. (If you want to get cheaper price you can assemble your own working station. Are you familiar with KVM switch? You can use 2 machine with one monitor. This will save you money in buying another monitor. I usually have this device which helps me a lot especially on rush project. While the other pc is rendering, I can still used the another pc in modeling.

You can also used distributed rendering, it is like a farm machine where you can used 2 or more pc in rendering one project. This will help you finish your project on time.

5. Do you have anything to add that will help inspire others. Please feel free to let us know?

Accept critics from others because you will learn from them. Don’t be jealous when they are good, instead think of them as an inspiration. What they are right now is because of their persistence in studying and sleepless nights. So I encourage you to follow the steps they have been through or instead try to surpass them. Keep on learning, don’t be contented, always be opened for advices because what they will share maybe the enhancement you will need.

For the past years in 3d visualization industry, I would say that, I love my job, I enjoyed my work and I earned from it! 🙂

Thank you 3dteamz!

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We would like to thank Mr.  Rudolph Anthony Arrogante for sharing to us his experience for the inspiring insights, tips and the contribution he shared to the community.

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