Professional Interior Design Tips

Design Concepts – Creating The Best For Your Client

In a nutshell, the creative process behind developing the best for your clients is first defining the interior design’s purpose is and how it’ll be achieved before any designing begins. It is setting a framework for the design concept and all the next design decisions that will be undertaken.

And what clients look for is not always that best. You may be giving puzzled looks now but what clients desire are the designer to present a solution to their problems! In this case the problem here is a requirement of a concept that appeals and speaks to the client’s brand ethos.

A brief from the client is not the same or reflective of your own research and interpretation. In most cases, a design professional always provides fresh perspective.

It all starts with a brief
Questioning the brief
Understanding the brief
Restrictions, limitations and other fun stuff

This seminar will cover topics such as:
1. Who is your client
2. Who is your client’s client, customer or guest
3. How to present a concept
4. Applying your expertise

Will be presented by Mr. Joris Angevaare, Creative Director of designphase dba.

To learn more join the event…
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Credits to IDCS  /  Designphase dba




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