Mug Still Life Rendering Challenge

Your Mission:
Your mission is to visualize a mug in still life photography setup in 3d. You can compose your own with 3dteamz logo in it. Think beyond your imagination, have fun and good luck !

1st: 3dteamz T-Shirt+Cap+Mug Trophy+Certs with your name as 1st place winner.
2nd: 3dteamz T-Shirt+Cap+Mug Trophy+Certs with your name as 2nd place winner.
3rd: 3dteamz T-Shirt+Cap+Mug Trophy+Certs with your name as 3rd place winner.

-All winners will also receive recommendation letter from 3dteamz.
-Consolation giveaways for other inspiring & competitive entries.

Criteria is simple we are looking for the best artistic composition with well lit scene, modeled and textured with details. In short, best creative rendering wins!

How to Join:
Follow basic rules: To start post your idea or concept to 3dteamz FB and Upload your work in progress. Before the deadline Submit one best final image per participant. Your entry fb likes will be considered as votes but best images wins. Include hashtag: #3dteamz #yourname #MugStillLifeRenderingChallenge

Download Mug 3d model.

Post progress here: / Submit final entry here:

Deadline: September 15, 2017
Awarding: September 19, 2017
Question contact: Our Messenger


Quick Notes:

Any image deemed to contain content that depicts explicit acts that are overtly violent, sexual, cruel or brutal will be disqualified. Any image deemed to be the same or similar to one currently published will be disqualified for reasons of copyright liability. All participants must provide reliable contact information in your profile, if the information provided does not allow to contact you easily the placement & prizes may be adjusted accordingly. By joining this challenge you agree that 3dteamz will use submitted artwork on its website, blog or other media without the need of your permission but might include your name as credits. Use any applications you like. Good Luck!

Sample renders: Swipe left to right and enjoy…

Submitted Work in Progress:


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Sample Entries Only:

Sample Entries Only:

Special thanks to our Judges:
Jonathan Lopez /Singapore
Sherwin G. Boston /Dubai
Jeffrey Faranial /Dubai
Brayan Jumarang /Jeddah
Ronel Pabico /Riyadh
Jonee Cortez /Qatar
Edward Castro /Cambodia
Neil Cristobal /Ph
Edmund Peña /Ph
Erick Torio /Ph
Ibarra Burayag /Ph


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