Mug Still Life Rendering Challenge Winners

and the winner is….

First of all we like to thank all the participants, visitors and followers of this challenge. Its a challenging decision to make even though only a few manage to submit their final images. We still received competitive entries and definitely they are recommended individuals that best fit to work in a competitive workplace environment.

We also would like to thank for all the respected judges from our cg communities listed below, for helping us to select the best that fits our criteria about the mug.

Once again the objectives of this challenge is to visualize a mug as the main focus. In a competitive world a good visualizer is not only about the render but also must able to tell a story and sell ideas. This is what this challenge is all about. And the winner of the first 3dteamz rendering competition goes to…..


Keep Calm Amidst Chaos1st Place: Joseph Catuiran /Qatar

As a photo hobbyist I am always amazed by how great photographers direct your eye into their subject even against a somewhat chaotic background. This is what I wanted to achieve in this piece. To direct the viewer’s eye to the subject-in this case the lovely coffee mug- against a background of various items.
For this image I tried to use (and break) some composition principles such as the rule of thirds and leading lines and my personal favorite composition-rule-of-thumb: “fill the frame”.
So I hope you enjoy my entry and happy rendering always!

#3dteamz #Jesmar Joseph Catuiran #MugStillLifeRenderingChallenge


Prabhudas MugStillLife2nd Place: Prabhudas Bhagwat /India

The Whole Idea behind this image was to create a Cozy Looking Place with Vibrant Colours but at the same time to Maintain the Simplicity of the Scene. Plants are added to Create very Soothing environment. I used Depth of field to Focus The main Area Which is Table with a mug.
Softwares Used : 3ds Max, Vray, Photoshop

#3dteamz #Prabhudas Bhagwat#MugStillLifeRenderingChallenge


Simple with Maximum Impact3rd Place: Raphael Rivera /Philippines

I’m, Raphael Rivera, a former 2d animator & a Background artist.First & Foremost I would like to thank all the coordinators & sponsors to this one of a kind prestigious competitions that allows us an artist to explore, create, visualize & express our talents to the world of art. Base on my Masterpiece, this explains a statement “The Art Of Simplicity is a puzzle to Complexity”.This is somehow essentially describe the purpose of my artwork which I applied the background principles that I have learned from my previous experiences and adding a dynamic scene design rather than on the straight line silhouette this scene. I chose to make the background simple to express & reveal the true contents of what photography is all about, though some of my works are done on purely details. As an artist, I did not used any of a pre-made models or templates just to feel in the completeness of the artwork rather than I make my own style & creativity to this artworks because to me, this is a crowning reward of art. My simplicity is the glory of expressions and I hope you like my masterpiece. Happy rendering!

#3dteamz #RaphaelRivera#MugStillLifeRenderingChallenge


EXPRESSION OF COLORS AND TEXTURESBest in Detail: Eugene Caasi /Dubai

First I chose dark wall and detailed old frames with broken glass on them as my background then i picked old wooden chest with metal details as accents as my base.Instead of metal or gold materials for the candle stands, I preferred primary colors – red, blue and yellow, with detailed rusts on them.Actually I personally find it more dramatic to lit the candles for added reflections on all the glass materials. The accent purple fabrics acted as contrast to the primary colors and the dark wooden materials of the chest. Those purple tulips I think compliment the purple fabric to create balance on the entire color scheme. The small pieces like the pine nuts, light red plum fruits, etc. add more depth to the scene as it create more shadows. The brushes inside the glass containers represent the creative side of each and everyone of us as artists. If you can notice wine bottle, I deliberately turn the wine upside down to throw the white wine up away. Because it has been my policy not to drink any alcohol hahaha. Sorry to the drinkers for my personal bias on this. The old wall clock and the golden watch on the hand figurine depict obviously time of which all of our 3d rendering journey really needs. And lastly, the 3dteamz mug (the main actor of the scene) sitting on top of the book of knowlege represented by the 2 old antiquated books. As you can see on the image, this is my expression of various colors complimenting each other, carefully chosen detailed textures and reflections to come up with rather conventional classic example of vintage still life with the 3dteamz mug as the starring role if I may say, in the middle of the entire scene.

#3dteamz #Eugene Caasi#MugStillLifeRenderingChallenge


UNWINDBest in Ambience: Yousuf Bari /Dubai

Relax, Nothing under control.
Being busy is necessary to meet our deadline
but to unwind or relax is absolutely necessary as well. So I decided to achieve the message with my render. I hope you enjoy my entry and do not forget to have a break.

Happy render always.



Black Coffee
Consolation Prize: Denson Puente /Philippines

i love coffee in the morning. I am always freaking tired, and I need five cups of coffee to get through the day. Even on days when I get enough sleep, I still wake up groggy. I get to ‘bed’ early but I ended up tossing and turning and it takes me forever to fall asleep. I created a scene that is simple, i just added some elements around the mug to make it look more realistic, reflective of my real morning ambience. In this work, i use the depth of field focusing, of course, in the mug and a bit blurry effect to other elements as its background.

workflow: skp2015 + vray 2.00.25 + photoshop

#3dteamz #Denson Puente #MugStilllifeRenderingChallenge

A Cup of Coffee w/ the Boss
Consolation Prize: Rostom Solaiman /Philippines
#3dteamz #RostomFontanillaSolaiman#MugStillRenderingChallenge


Special Awards: Jeffrey Quiambao /US


To all participants mention above kindly send your contact details to > Our Messenger. We will deliver your award to your doorstep. Thank you for joining this challenge and all the best.

Special thanks to our Judges:
Jonathan Lopez /Singapore
Sherwin G. Boston /Dubai
Jeffrey Faranial /Dubai
Brayan Jumarang /Jeddah
Ronel Pabico /Riyadh
Jonee Cortez /Qatar
Edward Castro /Cambodia
Neil Cristobal /Ph
Edmund Peña /Ph
Erick Torio /Ph
Ibarra Burayag /Ph


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