EDSA by Joel Loresco

We would like to welcome you our next featured Artist with so much we can learn from him not only in 3d but also in real life experiences. Please check out below our interview with him featuring…

Mr. Joel Loresco
3D Visualizer

“The Interview”

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, like how long are you working in this industry?

I’ve been in the industry for 18 years now. I worked as a Furniture and Houseware accessories Designer for a small company in my first job. I was a Fresh Grad, inexperienced and couldn’t keep up with my Boss’s demands asking me to produce atleast 10 to 20 designs per item per day. I ran out of design ideas so i decided to resign, went back to school to finish BSIT (Industrial Technology) major in Drafting because I was a 2-year course Graduate.

I immediately got a Job right after OJT, back then I have no knowledge with any computer softwares and does not even know how to shutdown a PC, so I draft the plans and draw perspectives manually. I started learning Autocad on my third Job when an officemate who is also a schoolmate offered to teach me because he uses the software (Thank you very much Neil Pangilinan). On that third job I had also learned to use 3DMax. Thanks to my Boss Architect Raul Reventar he paid for my training. As company’s benefit he offered cash or In-kind for every project closed.

2006 when I decided to apply for a job Abroad, by then i was married and my salary couldn’t sustain my family’s needs. Unfortunately I landed as a Waiter in Qatar and forgotten totally how to use 3DMax. I gradually regained the skills when I found a job in Singapore. My former colleague, the same guy who taught me autocad took me as subordinate. Things got better from then on, I work as 3D Visualizer at VNIX Global Solutions Inc. from 2007 up until now. Wow..this looks like a very quick and very short part of my Autobiography haha.”

2. Kindly share the basic process of the work you will share to us?

My work process includes Modelling entirely in 3DMax if the client does not have an archicad file to import, but that is rarely the case. Clients always sends us the .pln file, convert it to 3DS and we just import the model to Max. I always look for real pictures as reference for my scene just to know how objects behave and look like on certain environment or element and match the output as closely as possible. I would try to visualize if this model will look good in this mood or this scene. The Environment and time of the day is a big factor, I don’t know what is it for you guys but it is for me. If i can’t get it to work, I ditch the reference and look for another one.

3. What are the difficulties you encounter in working this project and the solution you can suggest to our readers?

“The availability of models in a library. Sometimes Clients have specific furnitures they want to put in the scene and looking for specific free models in the internet will cost you time and if somehow you find an exact model it will be on purchase and is so expensive, like the ones on Turbocuttlefish website. So you might as well model the furniture or accessory, it will take you roughly the same time finishing it and looking for it in the internet. You can also upload your model on that same website, sell it and make a profit out of it. Gains are so slow though believe me. 1 model sold per year! Jesus.
By experience.”

4. What nifty tips do you share to the community in working this kind of projects?

I’m pretty sure they know all if not most of the nifty tricks and tips. They are all available in the internet. What I can share or remind them is that rushing jobs will sometimes produce more errors. Time management is one approach to eliminate errors. If you’re having a hard time on one aspect of your job, put it on hold and proceed on other parts, you will figure out what to do about it while you do another part of the job.

5. Do you have anything to add that will help inspire others. Please feel free to let us know.

Always keep in mind that there will always be a tradeoff between quality and time. If you want to achieve a hyper realistic output you have to consider the type of PC, softwares and media you will use, The fastest and most effective will always be the most expensive one in the market. I read that one on an article, i forgot who said that…. XD.

Every time I find myself stuck on my working file for too long and couldn’t achieve the output I am aiming for, I always think and know………..that i am wasting precious time and money of the company XD…just kidding, But seriously that is true.

Changing the angle of the camera and position of the sun will make a big impact and will change the drama of your scene.

Often times your Boss or client will see your renders differently. They will comment until your work is perfect……… perfectly ruined! Always make a version of your own scene, the one that you really like just to make yourself feel good and say…”They can have that ugly a** render but this one’s going in my portfolio”

There will always be someone better than you. do not envy them but make them your inspiration, a benchmark. Surpass him and you will find another guy better than the previous guy and you. Repeat the whole process until you reach Godlike. By then the only thing you will do is to challenge yourself…literally, that would be great!

My works are not as good and still needs improvement but what matters is that you love your job and everytime you accomplish a job, you feel good about yourself.”


Interviewed by:
3DTEAMZ / Rey Gerali

We would like to thank Mr. Joel Loresco for sharing to us his experience for the inspiring insights, contribution he shared to everyone in the community.

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