Denson Puente

Congratulation for winning the 1st Arch Viz Rendering Challenge
at United CGPinoy & 3D Pinoy Artist Facebook Group
Special thanks to FB Group admin: Aisley Pagunsan

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Featuring: Denson R. Puente
Arch Haus Asia | 3d visualizer

We would like to thank him for sharing it with us and we hope to learn from his winning entry. Please enjoy reading the Q&A tips and suggestion from him below.

The Interview

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, like how long are you working in this industry?

My name is Denson Puente, im turning 28 this coming 18th of April, graduate of BS Architecture at Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP). I started learning about the vray rendering when I was still a student, way back college days up to now, my friend introduced it to me then I got interested into it instantly, I watched youtube tutorials and practice doing any renderings at home and while at work.

2. Please share the basic process of your winning entry to us?

The basic process that I can share with you is that, first, imagine your output. Imagine on what would it look like. then everything follows. like the basic modeling, download or make your own models based from your imagination, edit the materials based on how it should look like i.e. bumps, reflection, etc. basic rendering. Focus on details.

3. What are the difficulties you encounter in working this project and the solution you can suggest to our readers?

“In every rendering that I do, there is always a challenge. In this case, I find it more difficult because I feel pressured because of the contestants who joined the challenge, I looked up to them when it comes to rendering, and I have a feeling that my piece will be unnoticed, but still I tried,I told myself that I can do it, I can also do it, I can surpass them in one way or another, just give me more time. just then, I started doing my own version of the render. I also notice that their works are all in day view, more of them make it in a daylight scene, I have thought of doing something different, I made my version in a twilight mood, i am happy that i achieved what is in my imagination with the help of and a bit of Photoshop. The solution that I would suggest to the readers is to keep on practicing, never deprive yourself on what you can achieve, imagination has no limit, so as you. also try to be original and unique so that the outcome of your work is outstanding.”

4. What tips do you share to the community in working this kind of projects?

Use you creativity and originality. Don’t compete with others rather enjoy and have fun while doing it. When you are passionate and you really love what you are doing the outcome will be successful.

5. Do you have anything to add that will help inspire others. Please feel free to let us know.

“Always create a better version of yourself challenge yourself with that motto in your mind, then you will notice that you keep on improving instead of thinking that you have not achieved anything. always look back on what you are yesterday, so that you will know how to improve yourself.
Be ambitious. Dreams do come true so work hard and enjoy it at the same time. I just want to say thank you again to all the members of cg pinoy & 3d pinoy artist for having an event/competition like this, to the admin, judges, participants,.. for the top3 who made it into finals and also thank you sir Yer for featuring my work at blog from winning the contest.”


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Thank you for motivating others. We hope you keep inspiring and sharing your knowledge to everyone.