Villa – 3D Rendering Challenge

This January Twenty Eighteen let’s start at the ” Villa ”.

The task of this challenge is to re-design the space similar to the reference with a touch of Filipino hospitality and visualize it according to your taste. Feel free to re-construct or propose your own design. Imagine it as your fetching a real projects, but this time is to showcase with your own artistic design skills. This exercise is about interior design rendering skills.  Share it with us and the community.

Share and submit the following work in progress…

1. WIP / Clay Render – Work in Progress
2. Raw Render – Final  Raw Render Output
3. Photoshop / Post process – Screenshot
4. Final Images – The more the better
5. Brief design explanation (ex: Explain your ideas or share your setup, 3d models, etc.)

Please include the following:
#3DTEAMZ #Yourname #Villa #3DRendering #Challenge

Submit your  entry to >

-All entries will be publish into our blog.
-Please include your own small watermark plus our 3dteamz logo > Here
-We will add ribbon for best design / rendering challengers.
-With permanent links for portfolio reference links addons.

This challenge is free for all to have fun. By joining any challenge it may help us improve our skills, exposure to the community, maybe a job recommendation, referrals for freelance work or just for portfolio and share or learn from each others.

Good luck, let’s have fun and enjoy the challenge.

Time Remaining Countdown

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Special thanks to Jonathan Lopez for the free raw 3d model.


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