Today let’s travel to the Future from the Past and join us to welcome another very inspiring person we have today. If you are in the early days of visualization you might know him already. Let’s check out our interview with him behind his awe-inspiring masterpieces, from design to visualization and in photography. Including workflow tips, challenges, kind reminder and more…

Featuring: Mr. Anthony Tario Austria
Senior Architect/Designer
Abu Dhabi, UAE

“The Interview”

Please tell us a little bit about yourself, like how long are you working in this industry?

First of all, I would like to thank God for the chance to share my knowledge everything is all glory to you and of course the 3DTEAMZ admin for featuring my work. Im very proud of you guys! Hi!Im Anthony Tario Austria currently working as a Senior Architect/Designer in EHAF consulting Engineers in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I got my degree from Mapua Institute of Technology, one of the well known Architecture Universities from my home country.

It was year 2000 when I started my career as an apprentice and was originally trained as an Architectural Manual Renderer. Through the years with my God given talent and passion for arts, my works received several recognitions and awards in painting and photography. Photography is my favorite hobby which leads and inspires me in joining art competitions, this is where I am able to express my self. I grew up looking and thinking that Art can be a weapon to fight poverty. Because I believe people with great passion can make the impossible happen. I never knew that my love with
photography and my work will inspire the world and lead me to where I am today. Praise be to God that through Arts, I am able to share my concepts and ideas which can be an inspiration to others.


Kindly share the basic process of the work you will share to us.

Unique is the idea on the designs of my workflow. Most of my creations are in my thoughts. Also, I continously educate my self through online reading and researches. Being an artist, it is important to have an inspiration where most of the amazing renders and artworks are done. I gained confidence with my work especially in accepting different challenges with the required concepts through strategic design and value of the flows and functions. From sketches to
final renderings, I usually conceptualized and produced many shots to meet my client’s requirements.

What are the difficulties you encounter in working this project and the solution you can suggest to our readers?

In my field, one of the challenges I encounter is on how to meet the client’s expectations which is sometimes beyond the project’s budget. This is where my creativity as the designer divulged, by preparing and presenting more options. Usually in my experience the client chooses the simplest design yet visually good with perspectives works.


What nifty tips do you share to the community in working this kind of projects?

The key to success is to believe in yourself. Never imitate what others have, create your own designs and original ideas. For me my design Philosophy is form and function should be simultaneous. Most of all never quit, in case you fail there will always be a chance and a room for improvement. I did not expect that joining the arts competition will bring me many awards and lead me to success in my career. It’s not easy but I am really thankful that all the hard works has paid off.

Always be reminded that life is not easy, but if you choose to be happy by doing the right things then life will be more rewarding. Keep on striving until you succeed, be creative and be an inspiration. Art comes from the heart and imagination. My heart goes with my works, my masterpieces…my label.

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We would like to thank Mr. Anthony Tario Austria for sharing to us his experience for the inspiring insights, tips and for the kind contribution he shared to the community.

Please stay tuned for more inspiring individuals. 3DTEAMZ will continuously scout for the talented individuals in our community, who is kind to share knowledge beyond borders. We hope to learn from each others own experiences, unite, support and work together for the better future…


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