3rd & 7th Book

#3DTEAMZ Inspiration.

A Full-CG animated piece that tries to illustrate architecture art across a photographic point of view where main subjects are already-built spaces. Sometimes in an abstract way. Sometimes surreal. Be inspired and check it out below:

Few years back,  we are lucky we manage to pre-order his book about this masterpiece that brings Architectural Visualization to the next level. It inspires the visualization industry to try out something and emulate the way he present. With this amazing 3rd & 7th Book, inside is not a step-by-step tutorial book, though. It intends to deal with more essential concepts that in his view are lacking in the way digital artists are trained these days, and that’s what he really wanted to address.

We are glad to have his signed autograph, its one of the best book collection every 3D Artist should have with some useful tips & tricks in his truly inspiring work of Art.

According to Alex Roman he said:  Some people think that they will achieve hyperrealism by studying photography, but I think that traditional painting is even more important than that. CG and painting share exactly the same philosophy: you must light and color from scratch in a white canvas. Hence is essential to know how shapes, color and light works in the real world. Sadly, i see lot of CG people obsessed with numbers and parameters, but not educated in traditional arts – like painting mentioned earlier. Everyone can learn a tool (in almost no time with current internet global info and online tutorials) but tools change. Artists that try to follow numbers, lost control of the final result. The more important is just knowing the fine arts. It will never be obsolete, unlike software. -Alex Roman

The Compositing Breakdown:

Don’t miss the Compositing Breakdown. According from his interview his work is mostly done in 3dsMax and Vray render engine. Check it out below:

Was it difficult to start a career as cg artist? What was the worst part and what was the best?

Start wasn’t particularly difficult. Difficulties came when I tried to innovate and change the game, to give VIZ a whole new point of view through cinema, advertising or professional photography (paying attention to details that never been represented until date). It is not easy when nobody around you is interested in that approach at all – neither clients nor your bosses. That was the worst and more frustrating part. I took the decision of saying goodbye to that closed-mind people and started “The Third and the Seventh” company to express my personal view of what architecture meant to me. That was, with no doubt, the best part and experience until date. -Alex Roman

Credits: Alex Roman