We are so privileged and honored to feature the founder of the first CG forum in the Philippines. One of the pioneering person who helps and lead the community in the early days. The initiatives and  his support to the community that provide and give us better chances of improving our work and even compete internationally with the help of the 3dpinoy forum he created.

We would like to welcome and honor him for all his efforts. Please checkout below our quick interview with him behind how the first forum is formed in the Philippines…

Featuring:   Mr. Chris Sofe
3DPinoy Founder
Graphic Artist
/United States

“The Interview”

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, like how long are you working in this industry?

In one word i could that i am a Generalist or Jack of all trades. When i was living in NYC, i work in a small studio that offer services from web development to commercial. Working with a small studio you have to be flexible because you don’t know what the next project is. Currently, I am working as a Graphic Artist at Bic Graphic located in Minnesota. When it comes to 3D I used Lightwave 3D but lately i have been using Modo 3D.

2. How did you start 3dpinoy?

Well it started as a chatroom and turns into a website and a forum. Four people started the chatroom and when it died down that when I started the website and the forum. Maintaining the forum was really tough.

3. What led or inspired you to create the forum?

I started the website and the forum with a goal to help fellow filipinos learning 3D, serve as a resources for CG news and tutorials, and also as a hub to meet other filipinos who already working in the industry locally and abroad hoping for them to be a mentor for the future generation who wants to learn 3D/CG.

4. Did you think it would have an impact to filipino artist, like the influence that it has on them today?

I think it did made a big impact because I know that a lot of filipinos who are a member of the forum that got a job abroad and local through the job postings we have on the website. To me that is a big impact knowing that I help my fellow filipinos finding a job.

5. What keeps you busy these days?

If I am not making logo design or web development. I still tried to do some 3D for my personal time just to keep updated with the new tools.

6. Why the shift from 3d to web developing?

I did not shift from 3D to web development. When you are working abroad it is kinda hard to pass on projects it so happen i just lots of web dev projects and turn into an 8-5 job

7. Any advice for those seeking a career in the visualization industry?

All I can advise is that keep honing your skills and build up your portfolio.


Interviewed by:
Rey Gerali and Edmund Peña

We are greatly thankful we found Mr. Chris Sofe and for giving us the brief history of 3dpinoy for the record to be included in our upcoming books. Also for the  inspiring insights, contribution he shared to everyone in the community.

We hope to learn from the experienced people who unselfishly shares and contribute their knowledge to the community, no matter which corner of the planet they are. It might help guide us to the right path towards the future.

Please stay tuned for more inspiring people who helps shape the Philippines CG communities…

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